Heads Up: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Aha! The Norwich Pacino prepares to kick some bottom

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What are we talking about?

More than a decade after the second and final series of the cult television  show I’m Alan Partridge, the long-awaited film about Norwich’s most famous radio presenter is here at last. 

Elevator pitch

Alan Partridge: The Movie. “Action, fun, tension, danger, heavy kissing and guns.”

Prime movers

With writers such as Armando Iannucci, Peter Baynham and Steve Coogan, we know we’re in safe comedy hands. Declan Lowney,  best known for his TV work on  Father Ted, will be directing.

The stars

Coogan is Alpha Papa himself, reprising his role as Top Gear-loving, gaffe-prone “homosceptic” Alan Partridge. In the film, we will see the minor radio personality become the world’s most improbable siege negotiator, after North Norfolk Digital Radio is threatened by a corporate takeover resulting in job losses. Colm Meaney will star as Pat, the disgruntled employee who sparks a hostage situation. We’ll see Alan’s PA Lynn (Felicity Montagu), Geordie Michael (Simon Greenall), Sidekick Simon (Tim Key) and rival DJ Dave Clifton (Phil Cornwell). Sean Pertwee is acting as a police officer, but please, no “Partridge and a Pertwee” jokes.

The early buzz Rumours have been circulating since 2004, and the teaser trailers have been received as if they were minor miracles. Shortlist said that if, after seeing the trailer, “you’re not frantically pestering your local cinema to book a ticket for opening weekend, then we’re frankly worried about you.” Coogan told Empire the film will be “a bit Dog Day Afternoon and a bit Network”.

Insider knowledge Back in 2004 there were rumours that Victoria Beckham would star as a “demanding diva”. Sadly, these were untrue.

It’s great that …

… if anyone needed an excuse to order a round of “ladyboys” at the bar, now is the perfect time. In case you’ve forgotten, a ladyboy is a pint of lager, a G&T and a shot of Bailey’s.

It’s a shame that …

… they didn’t go with alternative title “Chap of Steel”. Or “Colossal Velocity”.

Hit potential

Likely to be hotter than the Sun. After 2011’s autobiography I, Partridge and last year’s television special Welcome to the Places of My Life, Partridge the  appetite has been truly whetted.

The details

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is released on 7 August.