Jeremy Paxman to debut one-man show PAXO at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The University Challenge presenter has admitted to 'regretting this already'

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Jeremy Paxman is set to make his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his one-man show, PAXO.

April Fools’ Day was last week so yes, the Newsnight and University Challenge presenter really will be performing at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar in August.

PAXO will see him discuss a range of topics including “pogonophobia, underpants and the human condition”, reports. Pogonophobia is “an abnormal fear or dislike of beards”, apparently.

Paxman seems as uncertain about his booking as everyone else, saying that he has “no idea” why he is doing it.

“Some fool said you only regret the things in life that you don’t do, but I’m regretting this already,” he said.

But Sarah Esdaile, the show’s director, was much more positive. “I am looking forward very much to harnessing Jeremy’s positive mental attitude and giving our audiences in Edinburgh a little insight into the enigmatic Mr Paxman and what makes him tick,” she added.

Those who attend PAXO will have the opportunity to “quiz the grand inquisitor” and give him a taste of life on the receiving end.

Tickets for the show cost £15, with performances occurring daily at 5.20pm from 18 to 25 August. They will go on sale at 10am tomorrow, 10 April.