Man jumps on stage to charge phone in fake power point at Broadway theatre

The audience at Hand to God could not believe the 'bizarre' act happened

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We all know the feeling of panic when you look at your phone and it's on 1 per cent, but while most of us would just sigh and accept the sad absence of Candy Crush on our journey home, one Broadway theatre-goer proved that he would quite literally do anything to get his beloved mobile some juice.

Theatre rules are pretty clear and easy to follow - namely staying quiet, in your seat and not interrupting the performance. Despite this fairly obvious etiquette, the audience at Hand to God last Thursday were left baffled when one ticket-holder jumped up on stage to try and charge his phone from a power point on the set.

As if this wasn't all cringeworthy enough just minutes before the show was about to begin, the electrical socket turned out to be fake. The pre-performance music was stopped and the crew removed the charger and informed the audience that no, it was not okay to act in that way.

Booth Theatre audience member Chris York shared the strange story on his Facebook page last week and it quickly drew attention. York said the man had to walk about 15 feet to reach the power point and was laughed at by the audience.

"I witnessed something tonight that I never imagined I would see in a Broadway theatre," he wrote on Facebook. "I am a quiet and reserved person and I took great joy in loudly heckling the idiot when he returned to take his phone back. Moron. Has theatre etiquette, heck, common sense, really fallen that far?"

York added that the cast was "very aware of what happened", with actors Marc Kudisch and Sarah Stiles tweeting about the bizarre incident after the show.