Revenge for tall theatre-goers as new website gets audiences to rate their seats

Seat Plan by a 6ft 7in theatre fanatic has already attracted over 1,000 reviews

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In a rare boon for the long-of-leg in often cramped West End theatres, a new website will allow audiences to rate seats for their comfort and condition.

The site, modeled on Trip Advisor, also allows members of the public highlight venues where tickets are sold with restricted views of the stage.

Called Seat Plan, it is the brainchild of 6ft 7in theatre fanatic, Ben Jackson, and the director, Tim Sullivan.  The pair yesterday said they hoped it would become a “useful resource” when booking tickets for a show.

“I know how difficult certain seats can be, but there has never really been a forum for people to share their tips on different theatres and where the places to sit are,” said Mr Jackson.

He added: “When you buy a seat over the internet or on the phone for a West End show it’s taken totally on trust. The only criteria you can judge it by is its price in relation to other seats in the theatre.”

The pair claim the site could benefit theatre operators and producers with people prepared to pay more for better seats once they know what is available, said Mr Sullivan yesterday.

He added: ““There are plenty of people who only go to the theatre twice a year, and if they knew how much better their seat would be if they paid an extra £10 they would be more than happy to do that.”

So far there have been around 1,000 reviews posted on the site and its organisers hope every theatre will eventually have its seat reviewed.