Revenge is a dish best served as a hot pie


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Out of ideas for a dinner party? Why not serve up a dish made out of the heads of two children stewed in their own blood encased in a pie-crust of their ground down bones? Such is the notoriously grisly fare of Shakespeare's revenge tragedy Titus Andronicus and, in a cheeky nod to the play's nasty nosh, two chefs at the RSC's Rooftop Restaurant in Stratford-upon-Avon have devised a Titus Andronicus-themed pie with a steak and KIDney (boom boom) filling as a culinary accompaniment to the RSC's new production.

There is also a Titus-themed cocktail, The Bloody Tamora: “I was quite shocked at all the death and blood… I wanted to use reds and blacks but create something aesthetically appealing,” says bar manager, Alice Cook. In the end she went for a strawberry-syrup frosted glass (below) containing a two-layered black and red-coloured Martini.

Next stop, an “Optimist Cocktail” to coincide with Mark Ravenhill's version of Voltaire's Candide in September.