Swim show is making waves


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"I had an epiphany," says theatre-maker Adrian Howells of the day he went swimming nude on a deserted beach in Greece.

"I realised that I was inextricably connected to everything around me: the rocks, the mountains, the fish swimming around my feet. I was deeply moved. It made me cry." This month he will be seeking to channel that feeling for an audience, as he premieres his water-based theatrical show Lifeguard at Glasgow's Govanhill Baths, a restored Victorian swimming pool.

Howells describes Lifeguard as a homage to our relationship with water, of the feelings of fear and womb-like security it can create in us. The dance-based piece is about a man being taught to swim. The audience will watch from the sides as the actors perform in the water.

Last year Howells performed an intimate one-on-one theatre piece at the Edinburgh Fringe which involved him bathing individual audience members and feeding them Belgian chocolates.

Lifeguard, Govanhill Baths, Glasgow (0141 433 2999) until 27 October (national theatrescotland.com)