Lion King cast perform 'Circle of Life' on a plane

Passengers enjoyed a surprise rendition of the hit song en route to Brisbane

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It's not every day that the cast of The Lion King spontaneously break out in song on your way home, but that's exactly what happened during a recent plane journey from Brisbane to Sydney.

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Passengers on Virgin's Flight 0970 were treated to a surprise a capella rendition of "Circle of Life" by the hit Disney musical's Australian troupe as they celebrated the announcement of a Brisbane tour earlier that day.

Led by Buyi Zama, who plays Rafiki, the eight-person group offered a fresh twist to in-flight entertainment just before taking off.

Bar a few inexcusable stony faces, surprised travellers and air hostesses can be seen looking up in delight, with children on board particularly elated by all the enthusiastic clapping and singing.

Following the impromptu performance, one of the stewards can be heard joking that the pilot was "embarrassed because his PA didn't compare".

As Hollywood Life points out, the parent seen walking their child up the aisle at the end of the video really should have lifted him up 'Simba on Pride Rock' style, but perhaps we're asking too much.