Zadie Smith's brother Doc Brown joins anti-Page 3 debate with comedy video

Fatherhood changed his views on the so-called British institution

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Bridget Christie won the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award this year for her feminist stand-up show which includes a long routine about her sneaking into newsagents and supermarkets and throwing any magazines with explicit covers in the bin. Now fellow comedian Doc Brown has joined the clamour to stem the tide of sexualised images on shop shelves.

Inspired by his daughters, aged seven and five, “seeing tits by the Peppa Pig Magazine” in the newsagent, the comedian, who works with Ricky Gervais and is the brother of Zadie Smith, posted a comedy rap in support of the No More Page 3 campaign on YouTube.

“I am a man who loves women, both fully clothed and fully naked. I am not an activist by any means”, he tells me. “I'm also not against pornography, but the fact is that the process of fathering girls woke me up to the levels of imbalance in sexual politics that Page 3 maintains. And no man will talk about it because it benefits them for women to remain in a subservient sexual position.”

The clip, which has received over 10,000 hits so far, includes the lines: “I ain’t no militant/ I’m just saying, keep your two lumps of silicon/ When it’s accessed for a fee/ Not in a newspaper you can buy for 40p.”

The campaign will continue when Christie’s show A Bic for Her opens at Soho Theatre, London on 5 November.