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I wonder what Andrew Maxwell has to do to be recognised by the panel of the comedy awards in Edinburgh be they Perrier or Eddie? This is the third quality show from the Irishman who may never live up to the brilliance of 2004 but has had a pretty good go at it since. He may have sailed close to the wind last year in terms of structure but his material never lets him down. This year he has rigidly stuck to a storytelling format, recounting two or three main stories that show off Maxwell's skill for mimicry as well as his penchant for potential danger.

Although I fear that I may only ever live the dubious delights of falling into a hedge to befriend someone in Doha or walking on the wild side in Cape Town vicariously through Maxwell, I can't think of anyone better to lovingly tell me about the gay club he finds in Doha where the sound of the door opening morphs into "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)". Another couple of "storyettes" tell of Maxwell's desire to get politics into whatever he is saying even though he recognises quandaries like liking the US for having given us The Sopranos and weighing that up against lives lost in the Middle East.

The trademark cheek is winning and while the sweetly subversive nature of what Maxwell does may not make him a prophet he is one of the most significant comedians working in the country today.

To 28 August (0131-556 6550)