Chris Addison: Atomicity, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

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I am slightly less enamoured this year. I'm not fickle - well, not very - but I see the latent smugness of Addison's stage persona more clearly, and while this comedian has almost every base covered, the proceedings are a little rushed in parts.

The periodic table gives structure to the show but is the loosest possible theme to house Addison's jibes against stupidity. Of 7 July he coos, "Ooh, we had one too", contrasting it with 11 September. Later he pokes fun at Fox News for an alleged link about the London bombs: "There's been a blast in a major European city... we'll tell you which one after the break."

Particularly enjoyable are his more extended routines like one about failed suicide bombers coming back to base, to explain how their mission went.

The proceedings are rounded off by Addison's trademark eulogy. In this case he is taking us one step forward by listing human achievements but countering that with some of our poorer ideas. In many ways, if you've seen Addison before you've seen this show before, but it is hard to refuse more of the same when it's high-quality humour albeit of a hasty, huffy hue.

To 29 August (0131-226 2428)