Debra-Jane Appelby: Appelby's Journey To The 21st Century, Underbelly (Baby Belly), Edinburgh

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Stretching your club set to fill an hour slot is no mean feat, and more experienced acts fail to master this year after year. Appelby's premise that we have not benefited from the things that science promised us is certainly well structured and has progressed since her London previews. "In Space 1999 they lost a space station. What did we get in 1999? Computers that couldn't add up the date." The Y2K phenomenon was central to Appelby's work in IT, and she pours scorn on her existence as a corporate slave: "I work for Swissbank, but don't worry, I'm not melting down Nazi gold - you have to be there a few years before they let you do that."

There are certainly nice lines in the show but they are too few and far between. Her flat delivery conspires with her assessment of technology's failure and progress excess (cloning, antibiotics) to make the show more factual monologue than showcase for her material.

To 28 August (0870 745 3083)