Finding Bin Laden, Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh

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Attempting to forget Aaron Barschak - difficult, as the Bin Laden look-a-like Windsor gatecrasher is all over Edinburgh - I looked to satirist Henry Naylor's black comedy about the search for Osama as the perfect antidote to Barschak's opportunism. The play, admirably, addresses the hidden agenda of the Afghan conflict which feeds directly into Iraq and is based on Naylor's personal experiences in Afghanistan.

Naylor's script, however, comes over as a clunky pantomime of war which never skewers the secret and lies it aims for. Naylor's heart is obviously in the right place of outrage and sadness, but this take on our MTV-edited war zone world is an ineffectual disappointment.

Venue X, 3.45pm (1hr) to 25 Aug, not 12 (0131-226 2151)