Gwynn Williams - Domestic Goddess, Underbelly (Baby Belly)

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You can probably guess the kind of slapstick action that ensues. So preposterous is the doddery Gwynn as she breaks eggs for the cake mix that you can't help but smile, while others took it upon themselves to burst into hysterics as she opened her bag of currants with garden shears. I hear the word "excruciating" being used by someone behind me but in a positive, not ironic, way.

There's a bit of patter in-between the set pieces, some of which is reminiscent of a Morwenna Banks character in Absolutely, but I would have liked to hear more material from this superannuated Martha Stewart.

Gwynn's domestic activity is constantly underlined by her religion and every so often she retreats over to her papier-mâché Mount Zion, where she has figures of the father, the son and the holy ghost, to bring us her gospel. She further ingratiates herself with the audience with sweets and shop-bought cake. When "her" cake is ready, we hear the oven bell ring and she utters, "Ah, he is risen", it's the best line in the show. The next best - "Next week, pottery" - she uses to close the show.

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