Heart Of A Dog, Assembly @ George Street,

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In the original the testicles of a dead man are transplanted on to a dog. The director Ryan McBryde turns the deceased into a murdered white supremacist whose "dog-man" beneficiary, David Newman's pliable Armitage Shanks, starts spouting advertising slogans.

In this imaginative company's hands, Bulgakov's housing redistribution committee becomes the land resettlement committee of Mugabe's brutalised country, and Shanks's persona goes from one extreme to the other as he is indoctrinated into the ranks of the Zanu PF.

Although some of the performances are a bit stiff early on, the action is picked up by the shenanigans of Shanks, whose make-up is excellently conceived by Alex Garnett.

Denton Shikura, originally from Zimbabwe, is the loyal Dr Babatunde, the right-hand man of Nick Ash's rather starchy Professor Redmond, and is compellingly fear-struck in the video diary as the experiment unravels. Amanda Wright's keen student Grace Dube, Tholakele Miya's severe head of the land redistribution committee Enos Chisowa, and Adam Burton's Oliver Douvier are among the spirited offerings.

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