High Society, Shaftesbury, London

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Katherine Kingsley, only two years out of theatre school, is an extremely assured Tracy, striding round in jodhpurs. Paul Robinson, as the undercover journalist with whom she has a champagne-fuelled fling, is a fit and snazzy dancer while Ria Jones, as his sidekick Liz, is delightful, singing "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" through sardonically grinding teeth. Claire Redcliffe is comically pert too, as Tracy's precocious sister, Dinah.

It must be said, however, that this show isn't a match for Michael Blakemore's superlative West End production of Porter's Kiss Me, Kate. Graham Bickley as Tracy's prowling ex, Dexter, is bland, with no sexual chemistry. Kingsley needs to get more reeling drunk and her singing is painfully brassy at points. As for Jerry Hall - the supposed crowd-puller playing Tracy's mama - she can't act for toffee. Or sing or dance. Yet she's oddly endearing. It's like watching a little girl in a school play, hopelessly awkward but smiling sweetly - aw, bless.

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