In the Dust, Zoo Southside, Edinburgh

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There's an immediate energy to In the Dust, a new triple bill by 2Faced Dance Company. This all-male troupe mixes hip-hop moves with contemporary dance, creating a muscular, confident style. These works show none of the joins that can plague crossover projects. The dancers have an easy athleticism, at home with everything from street dance acrobatics to mooching contemporary steps.

Tom Dale's Subterrania is driven by its music, basslines from dubstep artist Shackleton. The full company plunge into speedy stomping footwork, or flip into handstands without breaking the flow.

Freddie Opoku-Addaie's Politicking Oath is the funniest of these works. Three men lie flat, suddenly sparked into life by recorded fragments of the Olympic oath, national anthems or sports commentary. They're awake only when prompted to compete, flopping back between fragments. As the snippets get longer, they establish rivalries and personalities.

The dancers in Tamsin Fitzgerald's 7.0 are covered in dust, clouds flying up when they slap at their clothes or move quickly. One man climbs onto the shoulders of a group, then launches himself into space, landing safely in a hair-raising catch by another dancer.

To 29 August (0131 662 6892)