Lounge Room Confabulators, Underbelly, Edinburgh

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One of this year's most interesting, elitist and curiously anti-theatrical events on the fringe is served up by a pair of Aussies in their mid-twenties who arrive in your lounge and spin a few bizarre yarns. That's right: you don't go to them, they come to you, as long as you've convened a quorum of 10 or more. We feasted on a DIY buffet in an apartment near the Meadows before the knock on the door.

The LRC are Stuart Bowden and Will Greenway, playing two brothers of a dead mother, dressed in a cord and a cotton beige suit, both bearded, rapping out their stories with the aid of a suitcase of mini-props, a guitar and a ukulele.

They come to you, do their stuff, and disappear; it's slightly unsettling. Their stories are laid down with insouciance. They describe a plane crash in a tin box, the obsession of one friend for another and the gouging of eyes with ice-cream cones.

The LRC are following in site-specific footsteps that go back 30 years (Acme Acting used to perform A Streetcar Named Desire in your home, as long as you had a bathroom). It's a sweet, slightly odd show, and the boys are in and out in about 45 minutes so you can get on with the rest of your evening.

To 29 August, 6pm & 9pm (0844 545 8252)