Lucy Porter: Happiness, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

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Happiness is a much better show. Only at the end, where Porter's delivery tries to race that of fellow comedian Natalie Haynes, do the proceedings dip, rescued somewhat by the ingenious way she exits the stage. For the vast majority of the hour, she is measured and winning. I won't pretend that she always has bulletproof material, but she does put on a good show.

The theme of the show means that she can get away with the obvious: drink, drugs and sex. Maybe it was the presence of a 12-year-old girl in the audience, but Porter had to go to creative lengths to convey the meaning of a "bukkake party" ("imagine The Generation Game where the men are icing a cake and the woman has had an accident with some caesar salad dressing").

Porter allows her intelligence to show through, helping her to get away from just being a pretty minx, skilfully sprinkling the show with quotes from Beckett, JD Salinger and others. It's a well-rounded effort during which, if she has won you over, you will be smiling constantly, laughing regularly and will leave happy.

To 29 August (0131-226 2428)