Midnight Your Time, Assembly, George Square, Edinburgh

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For men of a certain age, the prospect of watching Diana Quick performing on a webcam for an hour would be thrilling. But Midnight Your Time is not that kind of show. Rather it's a one-woman-plus-Macbook show, a quite touching take on motherhood and the generation gap.

Quick plays Judy, a retired lawyer and pillar of the liberal Islington set. Her daughter, Helen, is working for an NGO in Palestine. They have agreed to talk online once a week. But Helen never logs on, so we watch 12 weeks of Judy's increasingly brittle messages – some tipsy, some jolly, some angry. "I know it's not the first one-way conversation we've ever had," she says, ruefully, as yet another call goes unanswered.

Quick, whose face is projected on the backdrop, is riveting. Disguising her emotions under bluster and gossip, little by little she reveals the overbearing desperation that has driven her children overseas.

Midnight Your Time is the second play from Adam Brace, whose Stovepipe transferred from the High Tide theatre festival to London. The writing is lively, ranging from dinner-party wars to refugees and the good of NGOs while needling the gaps in communication between the baby boomers and their babies with intelligence and wit.

To 28 August (0131 623 3030)