Miles Jupp: Gentlemen Prefer Brogues, Gilded Balloon, Billiard Room, Edinburgh

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In conditions reminiscent of the tropics his forebears once ruled, at least by his own account, Miles Jupp's gloriously offensive posh-boy persona almost makes for an hour's great entertainment (and who can blame him for fading in the heat?). Once the audience have adjusted to Jupp's idiosyncratic delivery - like true toffs, he never bothers to finish his sentences properlluuuh - they laugh like drains at his gags about facing muggers who don't understand that his money is tied up in land ("I had to write a cheque"); the iniquities of flying first-class ("Why should we hit the mountain first?"); and the lack of a decent property section in The Big Issue.

Jupp (who also stars in Balamory, the children's TV show) deserves credit for playing it to extremes. His impressively uninformed character is no jumped-up grammar-school boy revelling in his education. Not too good with women, he admits to preferring dogs ("They don't object to wearing a collar and lead"), although Anna Ford ("as good as a boy") gets the thumbs-up. Anthropologically speaking, he's as fascinating a specimen as that other Edinburgh ex-public-school boy who runs the country.

Venue 14, 9.15pm (1hr), to 25 August, not Mondays (0131-226 2151)