Miles Jupp: Young Man In A Huff<br></br>The Lost And Lonely Rebels, The Underbelly, Edinburgh ****/***

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While Gentleman Prefer Brogues was a no-nonsense, bullish stand-up set delivered in character, Young Man in a Huff comes complete with props and meandering anecdotes and an altogether mellower approach. The subtlety with which Jupp has imbued his repressed young aristocrat has given his character echoes of Kelsey Grammer's Frasier. He talks of being late for a gallery opening due to being "seriously misunderstood in a cafe" and later he explains his aversion to public transport: "I was last on a bus in 1989 and, to be honest with you, it was dirty."

Jupp is joined by Humphrey Ker and Stuart Murphy for his sketch show The Lost and Lonely Rebels. It's extremely slick in its execution and quite old-fashioned, reminiscent of Beyond the Fringe, although - let's face it - if a sketch show isn't Python, then BTF is usually the father. Though I didn't respond to the sketch show as much as to Jupp's uneven solo effort, there are nice moments here too, including the theory that if Dolly Parton were in a fight with Celine Dion, Dolly would win because "if anyone was fighting Celine Dion, passers-by would help".

To 3 September (0131-226 2428)