Nick Mohammed: 4uarters, Pleasance Dome

Quick-witted gang of four
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It's no mean feat to fuse sketch and character comedy and produce something other than a blatantly made-for-TV format. Nick Mohammed manages it, and in doing so shows off a refreshingly sharp and cheeky wit.

Mohammed's pièce de résistance is a sketch where he's an inept loans manager, testing the boundaries of excruciating embarrassment with his bizarre display in front of a young couple buying a car.

Mohammed's character makes the couple increasingly uncomfortable without things ever going over the top. "So," he says, "I want to get to know the real Karen and Paul and ask a few questions – like, how do they spell their names?"

Elsewhere, Mohammed plays a wildlife presenter, producing lines like " gone are the days... of out-of-date generalisations". He starts with a reasonable, but overlong, sketch about an estate agent trying to sell an undesirable property in an undesirable area.

In the final part, he's a zany anger management expert whose use of an audience "volunteer" reaps much laughter. "Yeah, yeah... can we get going?" he says to the attractive young lady he's drafted into his role-play ("sken-ario", he calls it), feigning interest in what she has to say and pulling away dextrously in a heartbeat.

Quick-witted and sharp, Mohammed's four quarters add up to one of the fresher Fringe shows this year.

To 27 August (0131-556 6550)