Nina Conti and Micky Flanagan, Pleasance Courtyard

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Nina Conti's new boyfriend must really hate the foul-mouthed, furry chimp that makes up the other half of her ventriloquism act. Listening to the monkey's witty asides on its pet hate, nature programmes, and its cutting dismissal of a fellow puppet as "a mainstream whore" before launching into an impromptu impression of Helena Bonham Carter in Planet of the Apes you wonder if there is anything it can't do.

Conti, too. With plenty of new material and a more confident delivery than last year, the show is funny and assured. Her attempt at deconstructing the genre - slipping her hand out of the monkey and taking on his voice - is clever if not entirely successful, but you have to admire someone who can cover up slips in enunciation by joking to the monkey "did you mean to say 'pro'? It sounded like 'crow'," and still get a laugh.

It's a hard act to follow, but the comic Micky Flanagan does a decent job, though even then the monkey slips in and steals the show. No wonder Conti's boyfriend banned it from the bedroom.

Venue 33, 7pm (1 hour) to 25 August (except 5 and 11 August) 0131-556 6550