Ridiculusmus, Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

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When you hit that point of realisation that every stand-up, everywhere, is capable of telling jokes only about the London Underground ("Isn't it funny when they say mind the gap?") and airport check-in desks ("Isn't it funny when they ask you if you've packed your own bags?"), then it's time for you to refresh yourself with Ridiculusmus.

Best know for their funny-peculiar adventures in theatre, Jon Hough and David Woods are also conceptual comedians who bring a sense of waywardness, anarchy and general rule-breaking to the stand-up game. They are very like Spike Milligan in their reckless disregard for form and the niceties of audience interaction. Their desire to explore is stronger than their desire to please - which is an admirable characteristic, though one that's as likely to produce bewilderment as belly-laughs.

For those in on the joke - and I count myself among them - it's deliciously absurd entertainment. Hough and Woods take on the roles of three quirky double acts, which they then pit against each other in a Fame Academy-style competition. It's all silly voices, well-executed parodies and shambolic sound effects. Rough-edged, batty and clever, it's an antidote to all that is anodyne about the corporate comedy world.

Venue 23, 9.45pm (1hr) to Monday (0131-556 6550)