Sue Perkins: Spectacle Wearer Of The Year, Pleasance, Edinburgh

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Returning to stand-up properly after her, thus far, 17-year partnership with Mel Giedroyc, Perkins approaches the challenge with great gusto, and all her huffing and puffing pays off at times. High points of her act include the reclassification of films such as Ladies in Lavender with a Certificate 75, thereby prohibiting anyone under that age from watching it. Also fun was her comparison of an audience with the Pope to an ITV special of the same name. Both routines rattle along nicely.

On the down side, her links between routines are tenuous if there is a link at all. Furthermore, linking phrases within routines are prone to be exaggerated; eg, that she "wandered the plains of America like a lost cowgirl" after she left the ET ride at Universal Studios.

All the while, though, Perkins prowls the stage and with her bouncy persona looks as if she could push extra mileage out of her material.

To Sunday (0131-556 6550)