The Dinks

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An unlikely-seeming Anglo-Canadian line-up of the fringe favourites Tony Law, Craig Campbell and the very English Dan Antopolski, the Dinks take the dream of "comedy world", all sharing a life of witty ripostes and piles of washing up.

Having fallen off a plane or something (the narrative isn't too clear), Dan has washed up on the prairies and moved in with Tony and the bearded Craig, still haunted by what happened to him in Vietnam on his holidays in 1997. UFOs have been spotted down by the lake, inevitably influencing the plot and costume choices.

Whether the show really represents political allegory, as some suggest, is debatable. Despite some pointed lines, it's anything but acute. But it works. Law is terrific, effortless and, under no pressure with strong support from his colleagues, turns in one of the best comedy performances of the year.

There's no plot to speak of, nor is it needed. The gags come from the interplay of the cast, but as an exercise in exaggerating personas for comedic effect, this is a highly successful hour.

Venue 33, 9.20pm (1hr) to 25 August, not 19 August (0131-556 6550)