Thirsty, Pleasance Courtyard

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Six months ago The Paper Birds set up a "drunken hotline" and asked the public to submit their drinking tales as material for a show.

Hoping for a new narrative – of grandmothers enjoying tipples and stressed-out career women hugging the bottle – it was, however, the stories of young women and their binges being left on the voicemail. Jemma McDonnell and Kylie Walsh bowed to the inevitable and devised Thirsty, a boozy tapestry of nights out, Beyonce and intoxicated encounters, interwoven with the story of a friendship viewed through the bottom of a wine glass.

It's an engaging, frequently very funny and poignant show, playing out in three toilet cubicles – one each for the girls and one for music man Shane Durrant who provides the sound track on keyboard and computer. On Fiammetta Horvat's deft set, the cubicles become phone booths, changing rooms and nightclub toilets, the graffiti on the walls and the loo paper provide the script. In its exploration of drinking and its effects, the euphoric highs and messy lows are given equal time, it's no worthy lecture. Our gregarious hostesses come into their own when giving themselves over to the physicality of drinking, reaching a climax in a frantic, sodden ballet of shots and stumbles.

To 28 August (0131 556 6550)