Toulson And Harvey, Pleasance, Edinburgh

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News anchor Alistair McAllister and his co-host Sally Isaman are having an extra-marital affair. Their relationship is acted out off and on screen while the big story of the day - a reality TV celebrity threatening to jump from a bridge - plays itself out.

The story is broken into sketches, with guest appearances from, for example, Evil Blair, who kidnapped the real Tony Blair in 1997 ("people will notice" exclaims the real Blair. "Yes, you'd have thought," comes the crisply delivered reply).

Also appearing is the political commentator Roger Righteous-Self, whose catchphrase is the delightful "my opinions count, yours do not", although his fey Yorkshire delivery didn't quite work for me.

The reality TV celebrity jumps. Not soon enough for one audience member, who protested afterwards: "I can't bear to hear another joke about B-list celebs." Really? Then maybe we should stop creating them.

To 29 August (0131-556 6550)