We Are Klang In 'Klangbang', Pleasance Courtyard

Rude, anarchic and excellent
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Last year I erred on the side of caution in my review of this weird and wonderful revue trio. Tonight I was delighted to find any doubts banished by the mayhem of this rude, anarchic and hilarious show.

Big Greg Davies ringleads Marek Larwood and Steve Hall in a series of misguided adventures, with sketches such as the "World Insult Championships", and the ludicrous "Un-PC PC" skit, in which a character called Legal Eagle hurls nearnonsense abuse at criminals: "You nipple... You Tippex... I've not seen such a guilty face since I finished my jigsaw of OJ Simpson."

There are delicious touches all through this show, including Larwood's grotesque parody of Tracey Emin that has her holding a packet of Emmental cheese then morphing into "Emin-tal" and finally into "I'm mental." The Derren Brown parody, Derren Chilblain, sets the bawdy and bass tone of proceedings that puts the "OTT" back into bottom jokes.

Before seeing this show I joked to myself that all the sketch comedy I've seen so far could be summed up in two words - well, two stars, actually. Frankly, many of the sketch shows on the Fringe have been either so appallingly average or conceptually challenged as to be an almost offensive waste of precious time. Conversely, when the comedy is deliberately offensive it is incredibly good.

To 27 August (0131-556 6550)