We Are Klang In Yee-Haa Klang, The Pleasance, Edinburgh

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The Klang trio is formed of three relative newcomers: the tall, imposing Greg Davies, who is 70 per cent Rik Mayall and 30 per cent the comedy actor Peter Serafinowicz; Marek Larwood, a smaller version of Matt Lucas and similarly ghoulish; and the urbane Steve Hall, who played most of the straight characters.

Their best moments come when they are at their most un-PC; eg, acting out a game of one-upmanship between two grunting tramps and their cardboard signs. They even try to undercut their bid for tea: "50p for a cup of tea" reads one, "20p for a cup of weak tea" reads another. At the end of the show there is a rousing song urging us to lay waste to the planet because the children that will inherit it are "scum" - so it's funny as well as being broadly accurate.

In between, there are skits of varied efficacy: a rogue estate agent and a naff Derren Brown figure are ragged, while a more naive piece around the mistranslation of a French Fringe play (where the phrase "Qui s'appelle la pere?" is relayed as "quiche apple, pear") has undeniable charm.

To 29 August, not 16 (0131-556 6550)