THEATRE / Desdemona - If Only You Had Spoken : Edinburgh Festival Day 4

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Eleanor Bron uses her own translations of Christine Bruckner's book of the same title to give voice to three of history's unrecorded women: garrulous Mrs Goethe, pious Mrs Luther and the idealised subject of Petrarch's sonnets, Laura de Sade. Laura, dying of plague, complains with bitter eloquence that her fame was won through the words of a man who never knew her, and led her to be idolised as literary image. Bron's contrasting characterisations are every bit as subtle as Bruckner's writing and her monologues are superbly paced.

Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance (venue 33), 031-556 6550. 4.45pm. To 5 Sept (not 23 Aug, 1 Sept).