THEATRE / Festival Highlights

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The London International Festival of Theatre (Lift) runs 13 June-12 July. Highlights are listed below; for more details call 071-413 1459.

AT THE BLACK PIG'S DYKE: Druid Theatre Company from Ireland with a love story set on the border. Tricycle, NW6 (071-328 1000).

BAD PENNY: See feature. Regent's Park Boating Lake, NW1 (071-413 1459). 30 June-4 July.

BRACE UP]: The adventurous Wooster Group with a multi-media version of Three Sisters. Riverside, W6 (081-748 3354). 2-6 July.

GHANA DANCE ENSEMBLE: Old Spitalfields Market, EC1 (071-413 1459). 23-27 June.

A GUERRA SANTA: Exuberant piece of Brazilian theatre based on Dante's Divine Comedy. Riverside Studios, W6 (081-748 3354. 16-21 June.

HANOI WATER PUPPETS: Ancient visual magic. National Maritime Museum 23-27 June. Highbury Fields 30 June-4 July.

HOW TO SHOP: A LIFT/Arnolfini commission (see feature opposite). Regent's College, NW1 (071-413 1459).

THE LITTLE PHOENIX: Female grace defeats war in this tale from Peking Opera. Queen Elizabeth Hall, SE1 (071-928 8800). 15-18 June.

RIPPLES ACROSS STAGNANT WATER: Sichuan love story: a rare new Chinese drama. Riverside, W6 (081-748 3354). 23-29 June.

RED NOISE: Rock singer He Yong offers a raw view of Chinese urban life today. ICA, SW1 (071-930 3647). 30 June-3 July.

SARAJEVO: A piece combining cabaret, dance and music to celebrate the city lost to the war. Riverside, W6 (081-748 3354). 8-11 July.

TERMINAL HIP: One-hour monologue by Mac Wellman (see feature) in fractured American English. ICA, SW1 (071-930 3647). 5-6 July.

YERMA: Punjabi version of Lorca's tragedy. Tricycle, NW6 (071-328 1000). 21 June-3 July.