THEATRE / Insomnia: Edinburgh Festival Day 4

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Dana Gould was an American stand-up who could no longer stand up. His life was: get on a plane, tell some jokes, stare at a hotel-room wall. He'd turn up for a gig and find himself playing to a theatre full of lizards. He was having A BREAKDOWN. 'My act was a cry for help. The worse my life got, the funnier I became.' And those dark voices inside his head. CRACKING UP. 'I can't be anywhere, with anybody, and least of all alone.' Insomnia is a breathless piece of catharsis, imaginatively directed to exploit Gould's talent for mimicry. As entertaining as an on-stage breakdown could possibly be. Assembly Rooms, 54 George St (venue 3), 031-226 2428. 11pm. To 22 Aug.