THEATRE / Notices: A Doll's House - Bridge Lane, London, SW11

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As all the smart young directors know, it's productions of classics that get you noticed. Everyone wants to be the next Deborah Warner, and who can blame them? In her debut production for Wild Iris Theatre Company, Polly Irvin sets herself a stiff task - naturalism offers fewer opportunities for directorial fireworks than other forms. But she pulls it off with a production remarkable for its clarity and cut glass performances. Irvin's approach is based on meticulous attention to characterisation that gives the play real psychological depths, freshness and impact. In fact, there's a tendency to be over-meticulous - Nora's final renunciation of her childish self takes longer than the average consciousness-raising group meeting and the evening would benefit from an injection of pace. But this is mature, reasoned work whose main thrust is triumphantly carried by Sophie Thursfield's puppyish Nora, Timothy Bentinck's well-meaning but obtuse Torvald and Thane Bettany's bitter Dr Rank.

To 24 Oct (071-228 8828)