Theatre: What The Movers and Shakers Say

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David Greig, dramatist

"Nationalism is both irrational and very important. That's the paradox. The more technology makes nationality a meaningless thing, the more likely you are to cling to it. I effectively have more in common with a New York playwright on a similar income who watched the same television programmes in the 1970s, than I do with a fisherman in Sutherland."

David Maclennan, Wild Cat Theatre Group

"There are many reasons to feel optimistic about devolution. It seems that devolution has come from a sense of cultural identity rather than political need. The driving force behind the change has been that Scotland has cultural differences and a sense of cultural traditions that needs to be strengthened."

Charles Kennedy, Scottish Liberal Democrats

"We are proud of our unique culture and heritage. Scottish Liberal Democrats believe that the Parliament will provide a stimulus for the arts, and for the development of a national cultural strategy. Not only do the arts enrich the lives of Scottish people, they provide an important source of job creation."