Tip Top-tastic

choice: three to see in the next seven days
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First there was Tip Top TV, a strangely compelling music-show pilot last year, in which modern pop music was subjected to irony and shiny space-age suits. Presenters Kid Tempo (far left), coming on like a refugee from Space 1999, and the Ginger Prince (left), a better-dressed version of that loony from the Spin Doctors, gave us, through the futuristic magic of Lunewyre Technology, puppets dancing to Blur, and Girls Today, a Nineties Pan's People, who gyrated to Britpop in pleasingly tight outfits. Then there was Radio Tip Top, an hour a week of the Tip Top philosophy on Radio 1, which has been mysteriously implicated in that station's recent listener upsurge. Now there's Tip Top: The Roadshow, live on stage for one night only. Kid Tempo and the Ginger Prince promise a night of "Pop! Action! Disco!", which means, basically, a special fx-drenched disco - with loads of giveaway treats for you to suck on - plus lots of special guests. They're not divulging exactly who these guests are, but they're giving us cryptic clues. A singer from a current pop group who's a big Man City fan and his model girlfriend; some cheeky Mods; the return of a London rocker famous for his love of motorcycles; an exclusive debut performance by a former member of the Fab Five; a very attractive girl whose name rhymes with "boss" and her boyfriend, whose name rhymes with "hep"; and a young pint-sized girlie who you'll feel just like neighbours with. Yes. They'll all be there. And so will you, dressed up - the night's going to be filmed. Party on, pseuds.


The Gresham Ballroom, 643-645 Holloway Rd, London N19, tonight 10pm-2am. Tickets in advance priced pounds 8.99 from the Virgin Megastore, Oxford St, London W1