Toilet humour

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The bathroom's done. The avocado suite has been replaced by white ceramic; the cork tiles are down; the bookshelf is heaving with Tintin books. You sit back on the mahogany loo seat and that blank wall catches your eye. It needs that little something else - that final detail to fill the space and amuse your friends. You need a framed original cartoon from Jack Duncan Cartoons and Books. The gallery is currently showing work by Tony Husband, whose Yobs cartoon in Private Eye is an inspiration in gracelessness; Peattie and Taylor, creators of slimy city suit Alex and the shawl-collared, dirty-shaven Celeb; and Lucinda Rogers, whose work chronicles the exploits of the Independent Magazine's Weasel (right). And the added joy of a cartoon, as opposed, for instance, to a collage of cows' entrails and motor parts, is that one of these will only set you back between £30 and £100. A bargain.

Jack Duncan Cartoons and Books, 44 Museum St, WC1A 1LY (0171 242 5335). Shop open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm. Exhibition runs to Sat 20 May.