Token tourist : Amber Peters

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Age: 23

Staying: with a friend in Wood Green

To be honest, I haven't really had a good meal here yet. Decent food seems quite expensive. We had a rotten Chinese in Wood Green last night, but then the food in a pasta restaurant we went to the other night was OK. I even had pie and mash in Parsons Green. That liquor stuff they put on it is disgusting. Ugh!

Probably the best day I've had so far was when me and Kathryn, a friend from Melbourne, went out on a pub crawl in Finsbury Park. We met these Jamaicans and ended up in Covent Garden. We had a really great time. Yesterday was good too. The weather was hot so we got one of those open-topped buses. It went everywhere, through the City of London, past the Tower of London and Big Ben. You pay £10 and you can get on and off as much as you like, all day. We've got the same sort of thing in Australia.

My favourite part of London is Soho. It's a bit like Oxford Street in Sydney. No, I haven't been inside any of the naughty places, but I did go in the Anne Summers in Leicester Square.

Basically though, the reason I travel is to meet other people, not Australians. And I must admit, the people have been very nice to me since I got here, which has surprised me.

Best meal: Chinatown

Longest queue: McDonalds's toilet, central London

Souvenirs: Shoes from Oasis and a Chinese-style dress from Norman 'something- or-other' in Knightsbridge

Most London 'thing': pie and mash

Interview by Ben Sharratt