Token tourist Bill Harris

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Age: 70

Staying: ten days at Cardiff Hotel, Hyde Park

Our hotel is pretty spartan, but what we save on accommodation we are going to put in to tourism. It seems to be right in the centre of where the activity is and my wife and I are really enjoying it so far.

We've been trying to eat on the run and take in as many of the sights as we possibly can, so we haven't really been to any proper restaurants yet. The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the changing of the guards - we've tried to fit it all in.

London has a whole different atmosphere and history to it. When you look at it, we've got a history a bit over two hundred years, whereas here it's a couple of thousand years. London reminds me a bit of Sydney, except the streets here seem to go off at all angles. It makes it difficult to find your way around unless you've got one of those A-Zs.

Since I've been here the English have been very, very helpful. I haven't been snubbed by anybody. We love to rubbish the old Poms, but there's still a fairly close affiliation between us.

Best meal: Country-type pub, The Scottish Arms

Longest Queue: Tower of London

Most London 'thing': the History

Interview by Ben Sharratt