Token tourist Diana Eoff

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Age: 60

Staying: five days at Kennedy Hotel, Euston

Origin: Texas

I've been saving up for this trip to Europe all my life. I'm so thrilled. The people here in London have been very nice, but one tour guide was a bit nasty. We got lost, or should I say they lost us, and she referred to us as "the cuckoos". She said it right out loud to everybody on the bus - it was very embarrassing. It was out at Windsor Castle, but it's easy to get lost out there, isn't it? I was so frightened I just wanted to get back to the hotel.

I was a little apprehensive coming to London, but so far I've had no real reason to be scared. Even young men that might have scared me, who had the earrings and the little bitty bit of goatee, have been so nice to us.

Your buildings, your architecture - ah, all of it just takes my breath away. The windows and all those rounded bays are just gorgeous. I was surprised how much like America it is. I haven't been to the eastern seaboard, but this is somewhat like downtown San Antonio, Texas where I live, except for the more beautiful buildings.

Tomorrow we go across the cliffs of Dover to Paris. We are staying 32 days in Europe and we are going to see all of it.

Souvenirs: Book on Henry VIII beheading his wives, entry tickets

Longest queue: Tower of London

Transport: We've only been on one tube, from our hotel to Lexington Square or Lexter Square or however you say it It was very fast and efficient.

Food: burgers and stuff. Good food will be cheaper in Italy

Favourite attraction: St Paul's - absolutely beautiful

Interview by Ben Sharratt