Token tourist Gunnar Lamprecht

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Age: 23

Staying: Two weeks at a Kensington B&B

It is so calm here. In Cologne it is rougher and the action is faster. I really enjoyed a long, slow walk we took through Hyde Park, and then on to Portobello Market. There were so many people about but the atmosphere was great. As for tourist places, I've done the Planetarium and been to a few others. But often we don't go inside because some of them are pretty expensive, like the Tower of London.

I'm staying in a B&B this time. I'd stay at a Youth Hostel, but I forgot my sleeping bag. Last time I was here, me and eight friends stayed at Tent City in Acton. We had a good time, and it was the cheapest place to stay. The conditions were pretty simple, you know, just big tents with maybe 20 beds on each side, but we handled it. We're still young after all.

Mostly we just walk around and go in to pubs. What I like most is the pub atmosphere and the people, the way they are in the pub, like the businessmen coming in there at noon. In Germany people don't do that, they always stay in the office at lunch time.

I really like all the shops and arcades along Regent Street. I'll maybe take some chocolate home with me. There is this one we don't have in Germany - the Cadbury's Caramel bar. I love this one.

Best meal: Dutch Pancake House, Holborn.

Most London 'thing': Buses. We don't have the double ones in Cologne.

Longest queue: Madame Tussauds, 30 minutes.

Souvenirs: Woollens. Germans love British wool.

Favourite transport: On foot.

Interview by Ben Sharratt