Token tourist: Muriel De Le Schaux

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Age: 27

Staying: Earl's Court hotel

I decided to come over from Paris on the Eurostar - I do that quite a lot.

This time I've visited the galleries - the National Gallery, the Tate. I collect catalogues and keep them in a little drawer at home. And I've also been to both Portobello and Camden Town for the street markets. The people who go to markets here seem younger and the atmosphere is more relaxed than at the flea markets over in Paris.

I'll be taking back some products from the Body Shop. They have some shops in France, but things are much more expensive there.

In the evenings I have been too tired to do anything. I haven't even been to any restaurants this time, only an Indian take-away and some fast- food shops. Last night I just went to a pub in Earl's Court and left about 10pm. It was full of people from overseas, very international. When I come to London I tend to talk to people from all over the world. In fact, you are probably the first English person I have spoken to this time.

Best meal: Indian take-away, Earl's Court

Longest queue: Waterloo Tube Station

Souvenirs: Art catalogues

Most London `thing': Museums

Interview by Ben Sharratt