TONIGHT: Preview of Stir Fry

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Stir Fry (8.30pm C4) Should bad food in prisons be part of the punishment? Chef Antony Worrall Thompson (he of capital eateries Dell'Ugo and 190 Queensgate) doesn't think so - and also believes that the meagre daily food ration of pounds 1.37 per inmate can be spent on something more interesting and nutritious than spuds and porridge. To that end, he knocks up lunch for some of the luckier lags at the category "C" Wymott prison. Heaven knows what it all proves, but Lisa Harney's film is an interesting primer on nosh in the nick.

Smith and Jones (10pm BBC1) Mel and Griff seem to belong to a different era - the one before, the one before Harry Enfield and Steve

Coogan. They can both do this sort of thing in their sleep, so it's nice to see a whole new range of characters for their first new series in two years, including bodging builders, fat tenors and tramps who live in a bottle bank.