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1 (1) Never Forget Take That

2 (2) Boom Boom Boom Outhere Brothers

3 (-) So Good Boyzone

4 (4) Kiss From a Rose/ I'm Alive Seal

5 (3) Shy Guy Diana King

6 (6) Try Me Out Corona

7 (-) I'm Only Sleeping/ Off On Holiday Suggs

8 (5) Alright/ Time Supergrass

9 (13) Waterfalls TCL

10 (-) Don't You Want Me Felix

Suggs is back - good news for all of us who consider him a sort of cheeky dad (we might not have learned about condoms so soon were it not for "House of Fun"). But his plod through the Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping" is a real Mark Chapman job. Shame on him. But all hail Boyzone who until now always seemed like a straight-in-at-37, dropped-within-a-year band.