Travel: Dinosaur Destinations

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Dinosaurland, Coombe Street, Lyme Regis, Dorset (01297 443541). Star ferocity attraction: a 10m baryonyx. Free fossil clinic where visitors can bring in their finds for identification. It also offers guided fossil hunting with manager Steve Davies, whose "little boy of 11 found the best fossil in the collection". Open daily 10am-5pm, adults pounds 3.20, children (5-16) pounds 1.90. Fossil hunting walks: adults pounds 4.50, children pounds 2.50.

Museum of Isle of Wight Geology, Sandown Library, High Street, Sandown, Isle of Wight (01983 404344). Star ferocity attraction: a 7m neovenator (new-hunter) reconstruction; a local discovery named by the museum. Extensive collections of fossils and rocks. Entry has been free since 1913. Open daily Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm, Sat 9.30am-4.30pm.

Dinosaur Museum, Icen Way, Dorchester, Dorset (01305 269880). Star ferocity attraction: full-size reconstructions of a young tyrannosaurus rex and a triceratops. The museum combines traditional skeletons with interactive "feelies" and computer CD ROM displays. Open daily 10am-4.30pm, adults pounds 3.50, children pounds 2.25, family pounds 9.95, OAPs pounds 2.75.

Paradise Family Leisure Park, Avis Road, Newhaven, East Sussex (01273 616006). Star ferocity attraction: arobotic velociraptor. Planet Earth and Living Dinosaur shows, botanical gardens and an interactive earthquake scene. Open daily 10am-6pm, adults pounds 3.99, children pounds 3.75, family pounds 14.99.

The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 (0171- 938 9123). Star ferocity attraction: a skeletal replica of diplodocus. The only museum in the world to contain a representative from every dinosaur group. Walk the raised "bone" walkway and experience the robotic dinosaur herd attacks. Open daily Mon-Sat 10am-5.50pm, Sun 11am-5.50pm, adults pounds 6, children (5-17) pounds 3, family pounds 16, concessions pounds 3.20

Steven Hubbard