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Trouble in paradise: warnings from the State Department about Indian Ocean islands

Sri Lanka: The 14-year-old armed conflict between the government of Sri Lanka and a Tamil separatist group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), continues.

Sri Lankan defence regulations restrict travel in much of the island's northern area. Travellers are advised not to travel to the north, east and far south east of the country. Sri Lankan law requires all persons, including foreigners, who are guests in private households to register in person at the local police station. Individuals who stay in private households without registering may be temporarily detained for questioning. This does not apply to individuals staying in hotels or guest houses.

Seychelles: Petty crime is common. Violent crime against tourists is rare. Travellers who keep valuables in hotel safes and close and lock hotel windows at night are less likely to be at risk. It is dangerous, particularly for women, to swim alone at isolated beaches.

Comoros: Comoros has experienced frequent strikes and civil unrest since early 1997, which have sometimes resulted in violent clashes between police and demonstrators. Foreign residents and visitors have not been targeted, but the potential for further outbreaks of civil disorder in urban areas remains high.