Travel: Red Channel: Tanzania

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The Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit issued an update at 3pm yesterday:

A bomb exploded at the US Embassy on 7 August. We are not aware of any British casualties, nor of any specific threat to UK interests in Tanzania.

Highway robberies, usually targetting stationary vehicles, have been reported at road junctions. These attacks may be accompanied by personal violence. Exercise caution when in vehicles, keeping doors locked and windows shut. Visitors should be aware of occasional random incidents of armed banditry in and around the Northern National Parks. Such incidents affect both recognised tour operators and independent travellers.

Food or drink should not be accepted from strangers as it may be drugged.

A number of violent muggings of foreign tourists have recently taken place on Zanzibar. Visitors should avoid deserted beaches and exercise extreme caution in Stone Town after dark.

Visitors and residents should register with the British High Commission.