Travel: Something To Declare

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Best deals: This will almost certainly be the best January yet for bargain hunters. At least, that is, for flyers from Stansted. Ryanair (0541 569 569) has just announced a "two-for-one" deal, which could mean travel between the UK and Dublin for as little as pounds 40 for two. And Go (0845 60 54321) has fares of pounds 70 return to Rome, Lisbon and Bologna, pounds 60 to Milan and Copenhagen, and pounds 40 to Edinburgh.

Ten New Year's resolutions: Here's a selection of dos and don'ts that the Foreign Office would like travellers to make.

Cyprus: Don't try to make fraudulent claims on your insurance policy. The police prosecute tourists for this offence and prison sentences and heavy fines have been imposed.

Eastern Europe: Don't attempt to change money on the street - you are liable to be robbed.

Egypt: Do respect local laws and customs. Women should dress modestly. Drunkenness can lead to arrest.

France: Don't let go of your luggage at French airports. Security staff may remove and destroy unattended luggage. No compensation can be claimed for destroyed property.

Greece: Don't, if you are a charter flight passenger, leave Greece on overnight trips to neighbouring countries. This will invalidate the charter ticket back to the UK and you will have to purchase a full-price ticket on a scheduled flight.

India: Do book a hotel room prior to arrival. Tourists are advised to book at least their first night's accommodation before arrival in India. Those without somewhere to stay can fall prey to rogue taxi and rickshaw drivers who offer to take them to a hotel. Unwitting victims have been attacked and robbed

Singapore: Don't get involved with drugs. Drug abuse carries the heaviest penalties. The death penalty is mandatory for some offences. Persons using prescribed drugs are therefore advised to carry a prescription or an explanatory note from their doctor or hospital.

Thailand: Don't use a guide who approaches you on the street, even if he appears to have genuine credentials. He will invariably be a tout.

Turkey: Do respect local laws and customs. It is an offence to insult the Turkish nation or the national flag, or to deface or tear up currency. Drunkenness is no excuse (and may be an offence in itself).

United States: Don't leave parking or other fines unpaid. An arrest warrant could spoil your next visit to the US and being arrested in the US can be a very degrading experience.