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A good idea:

Electric city transport

Visitors to Rome can take advantage of Europe's first sensible fleet of electric buses. These bright orange vehicles, resembling outsize milkfloats, provide access to the narrow, cobbled streets that bigger buses cannot reach. With huge windows, you get a far better view than from other buses or taxis. Three routes knit together to provide access to most of the city's major attractions, though not to

St Peter's.

The electricos run every few minutes from 8am to 9pm, but never on Sundays.

The fare is the same as for other buses, 1,500L (55 pence), with a free transfer allowed within 75 minutes. All the vehicles are wheelchair-accessible.

Is this a good idea:

Are you a suitable candidate for an over- land adventure tour?

"Encounter does not maintain a strict age limit for project members. It is very important, however, to understand that all the projects are lifestyles as well as being holidays. Most of the longer trips require flexibility, fitness and adaptability. Due to extreme conditions, climates and the nomadic lifestyle, we consider our projects to be best-suited to people between 18 and 45"

- Encounter (0171-370 6845)

"Mostly, you'll find your companions aged between 20-50, but within reason we impose no restrictions on age. We find the majority of people are trying this sort of holiday for the first time - lots of people have never camped, but soon get into the swing of it."

- Guerba Expeditions (01373 826611).

"Age range: the typical range is 25-55. Although our tours have a wide appeal, we feel they are generally unsuitable for unaccompanied minors. If you are over 60, we need details of recent travel experience and evidence of your current state of health - this helps us to assess your suitability for the tour you have chosen"

- Travelbag Adventures (01420 541007)