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Beyond Belief David Frost "investigates" the paranormal with the help of Uri Geller. What's really beyond belief is why ITV thinks anyone swallows this rubbish. Sat 9.30pm ITV

Angel Heart Utterly dreadful New Orleans-style neo-Faust mess, with Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet forgetting to act. Sadly, Bob De Niro remembers. Sat 10.45pm ITV

Clive James: Postcard from Berlin Here's Clive: "People in Berlin have so much fun that you can almost come to terms with the city's past. When I finally stood on Hitler's bunker, I didn't feel as bad as I had expected." Well, that's a relief. Tue 9.30pm BBC1

Hearts of Gold Esther Rantzen bares her fangs and sinks 'em into hapless members of the public in this new series of the terrifying "people show". Wed 8pm BBC1